About Indian You – Open Discussion Platform To Voice Your Opinion

Have you ever felt as an Indian that you should also have a say in the key decisions happening around ?

Did you ever feel raising voice when you see accidents, corruption, poverty, social injustice around you?

Or did you ever feel like supporting a person (or a movement )who is doing much to bring progress to the nation?

Or had a feeling to say just a NO or YES???

Indian You is a platform to Voice Your Opinion

Indian You is a platform for Indians to freely express their views.

It can be positive, negative or neutral.

We are not against/for any political parties or any particular person, IndianYou is just an  online platform to express your free opinion about hot topics happening around to millions through the web pages.

If you are looking for a  platform to say your opinion, you are at the right place.

Just post your opinions as comments to the topics posted.

Feel free to vote your opinion here.

For a change.

For what you want as an Indian.

For a new India.


Disclaimer: IndianYou is meant to be an online platform which provides freedom of speech and expression and which can bring ideas, views or opinions about many things happening around us. IndianYou doesn’t have any claims that any of the comments/views discussed by the users will or can be implemented, and IndianYou is not responsible for any of the comments published here. To prevent the misuse of the plaform and to prevent spam, there will be moderator approval for comments in most cases. But there is no guarentee from IndiaYou that your comment will be published or published comment will be retained. Our vision is the progress of India and we will not tolerate any derogatory language or hurting of feelings of any community.

Voice Your Opinion