Reservation Quota for Promotions in States?

The Bill is passed in LokSabha (Constitutional Amendment) to ensure reservation in promotions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Government jobs. Similar amendments were enacted in 1995, 2000 and 2002, but failed to serve the purpose completely.

The Supreme Court’s stand on reservation in promotion (2006) was as follows:

Before giving promotions the state must demonstrate

  1. Backwardness
  2. Inadequacy of representation
  3. Maintenance of efficiency

Details on the new bill for “Reservation in Promotions”

  1. Article 16 (4A) is the  article which is planned to be amended (117th Constitutional Amendment).
  2. The requirements on the clauses like inadequacy of representation and maintenance of efficiency will be edited (or removed) in new Article 16(4A).
  3. The Bill is for SC and ST and not for OBCs.

It is a fact that SC and ST are under represented in the upper levels of bureaucratic power. Though Equality of Opportunity is the governing principle behind reservations, the vote bank politics is another major factor for Bills like these. There is no division of Creamy Layer for SC/ST as in the case of OBCs and this ensures even the undeserved get the benefit of promotions. Will this system divide our government offices along caste lines?

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One Response to Reservation Quota for Promotions in States?

  1. It is a real pity that even after 60+ yrs of independence, we could not uplift backward castes or even disadvantaged communities within our society. Who is to be blamed for such a shameful act!!!!!

    Is it our politicians???? Is it our bureaucrats???? Is it our society on a whole???? There can never be one single answer to convince any one of us because we lack determination or will to create a platform for equal opportunities. Offering reservation will only be a short term measurement to satisfy vote banks but in long run what impact is being measured? How many BPL families do you see progressing to middle class or even affluent families. I am sure very few of them and even those who progressed have many stories to share in relation to their journey from a BPL family to upwards….. So please question ourselves is it right to offer reservations?