The Other Side of Jan Lokpal Bill :

Anna Hazare

I'd rather not be Anna - Arundhati Roy :Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

Magsaysay award winner Aruna Roy as well as  Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy are not in blind favour of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Their main worries lie in creating a Draconian Law, enabling a few super-power individuals (who are not democratically elected by common people) controlling the Prime Minister, Judiciary, MPs and the whole Bureaucracy. They doubt not only the misuse of the setup, but also the efficiency.

Arundhati Roy’s Statements:

“I’d rather not be Anna”
“Who is he really, this new saint, this Voice of the People?”
“They signal to us that if we do not support The Fast, we are not ‘true Indians’,”

Arundhati Roy says that it is foolish to keep out the Media, NGOs and Corporations from the limits of Lokpal and also quotes Anna’s old connections and support for RSS and Narendra Modi. She says his means are Gandhian (Non-violent), but demands are certainly not.

Anti Corruption Protest by Team Anna is shooting to its peak on one side, but the few people like Aruna Roy and Arundhati Roy are not convinced with the logic behind attacking the constitutional setup. Corruption needs to be curbed. There are no further questions on that. But what is the right measure for it? Will the intended measure de-stabilize the entire democratic setup and create different power centers? Take the case of Pakistan, the ISI and the Military Heads are the real super powers, often much more powerful than the PM or President, thus weakening the whole democracy setup.Will that sort of case arise in India, with the Jan Lokpal?

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